Discover Natural Beauty with Cosmetics Products

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Discover Natural Beauty with Cosmetics Products at Bazaar Express

At Bazaar Express, we bring you a range of cosmetics products formulated with natural ingredients to enhance your beauty and nourish your skin and hair Let's explore some of our offerings

1 **Vitamin C Collagen ** Boosts skin elasticity and brightens complexion

2 **Notion Cream Coffee Collagen ** Infused with coffee and collagen for skin rejuvenation

3 **Marine Collagen ** Rich in marine extracts for deep hydration and firmness

4 **Soap Olive Oil ** Cleanses and moisturizes skin gently with olive oil

5 **Eva E Keratin Hair Clinic Styling Cream ** Nourishes and styles hair with keratin

6 **Eva Keratin Shampoo ** Strengthens and repairs hair with keratin infusion

7 **EVA HAIR CLINIC E-KERATIN ** Restores and revitalizes damaged hair with keratin treatment

8 **Optimal Protective Tanning Oil ** Provides optimal protection while tanning

9 **Oil Hair Dabur Amla Gold ** Enriched with Amla for hair nourishment and shine

10 **Ointment with Black Seed ** Soothes and heals skin with black seed extract

11 **Bitter Melon ** Nourishes and rejuvenates skin with bitter melon extracts

12 **Nerve Pain Black Seed Massage ** Relieves nerve pain with black seed massage oil

13 **Henna Glory ** Enhances hair color and conditions with natural henna

14 **Henna Vatika ** Nourishes and strengthens hair with Vatika henna blend

15 **Sun Lotion Optima ** Provides optimal protection against harmful UV rays

16 **Aloe Vera Soothing After Sun Gel ** Soothes and hydrates skin after sun exposure with aloe vera

17 **Toothpaste Dabur Miswak Gold ** Cleanses and strengthens teeth with Miswak extract

18 **Mukhmaria Gel ** Refreshes and hydrates skin with Mukhmaria extract

19 **Mukhmaria Gel for Body ** Hydrates and rejuvenates body skin with Mukhmaria extract

20 **Black Seed Oil ** Rich in antioxidants, nourishes and protects skin and hair

Experience the natural goodness of these cosmetics products at Bazaar Express, where beauty meets nature

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